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Welcome to Chalker Life.

Who we are:  As the blog subtitle suggests, ChalkerLife is the creative expression of the associated Chalker life groups.  What that means is – that all of the members and friends of the various James River Church Life Groups associated with David Chalker and Co., may visit this site, receive information and inspiration from this site, and contribute to the ever-growing community that is ChalkerLife.

Why we exist:  ChalkerLife is a collection of Christian communities loosely affiliated with James River Church.  Our purpose is to live life together in such a fashion that we bear one another’s burdens, sharpen each others spiritual growth, and expand our circle of ministerial influence as God brings people into our community for the purpose of growth and fellowship.  This online portal is just another tool in the toolbox we use to positively impact the lives of those who encounter our community.  No, we are not spiritual super freaks.  We are regular people who live regular lives and need regular “neighborly” relationships just like everybody else.

How to Join us:  If you encounter our presence online and are not anywhere geographically close to James River Church, don’t be discouraged.  We still want to hear from you, and we will pray for you.  Join our cyber-community by following us, and subscribing to our various “feeds”.  Feel free to join in our discussion by becoming a contributing author.  Be warned:  ChalkerLife is a Christian community and not a thematic free-for-all.  Contributing content will be monitored for negative explicit expression.  That being said, we are not afraid of differing perspectives or views regarding theological thoughts or personal philosophical musings.  Please join our community by becoming a contributing author.  Send an email to chalkerlife@gmail.com and let us know your level of interest, and we will get back with you.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.  Be patient and persistent.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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