Whose Side Are You On?

From:  Gurnall, William. The Christian in Complete Armour: A Treatise of the Saints’ War against the Devil … London: Banner of Truth Trust, 1964.
Christ and Satan create a spiritual dichotomy which you cannot ignore.  It divides the whole world.  You belong to one camp, and only to one  Christ will allow no equal, and neither will Satan; therefore, you cannot side with both.  To know if Christ is really your Prince answer these questions:
1)  How did your prince come to the throne?
Only Christ by his Holy Spirit can bring a change of government to your heart.  Have you every heard a voice from heaven calling out to you as it did to Paul, prostrating you at God’s feet and turning your about-face toward heaven?
But if all this I seem to speak a strange language, and you know no such work to have been done upon your spirit, then I fear you are still in the old prison.
2) Whose law do you obey?  
The laws of the prince of darkness and the Prince of peace are as contrary as their natures – one a law of sin (Rom 8:2), and the other a holiness (Rom 7:12).
When Satan comes to tempt you, observe your behavior.  How do you respond to the enticements?  Do you stand fast on the ordinances of God and refuse to be swayed?  Or does your soul embrace the temptation as a bosom friend, glad for the excuse to entertain it?
3)  Where do you go for protection?
Who has your confidence?  A good prince is eager to protect his subjects.  He expects them to trust him with their safety.  Obedient subjects therefore commit state matters to the wisdom of their prince and his council.
4)  With whom do you sympathize?
He is your prince whose victories and losses you take to heart.  What do you say when God’s Spirit stands in the threshold of your will and blocks the sin Satan is soliciting?  If you harbor a grudge against God because He kept you from your hearts real desire, when Satan returns, as he surely will, he will find you still pining for the lust that was turned away from your door.
5) Have you joined the troops that fight to subdue the insurrections of evil men spurred on by Satan?
Just standing on the sidelines and cheering other saints to victory is not enough.  You too must run the race that is set before you.  If you are a saint, you belong to God and you run, not for yourself, but for him.


Dear saint, remind yourself often of the change that God has made in you.  Satan will tempt you to doubt the wisdom of choosing Christ as your sovereign, so nail God’s promises on the upper doorpost of your heart.  They will keep your soul in quarantine; Satan will run from them as from the plague.

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