Patience Arise in Me

From:  F. B. The Secret of Guidance (Moody Classics). New ed. publication place: Moody Publishers, 2010.

“There are riches of patience. Life is not easy to any of us. No branch escapes the pruning knife; no jewel the wheel; no child the rod. People tyrannize and vex us almost beyond endurance. Circumstances strain us till the chords of our hearts threaten to snap. Our nervous system is overtaxed by the rush and competition of our times. Indeed, we have need of patience.
Never to relax the self-watch; never to indulge in unkind or thoughtless criticism of others; never to utter the hasty word or permit the sharp retort; never to complain except to God; never to permit hard and distrustful thoughts to lodge within the soul; to be always more thoughtful of others than self; to detect the one blue spot in the clouded sky; to be on the alert to find an excuse for those who are forward and awkward; to suffer the aches and pains, the privations and trials of life, sweetly, submissively, trustfully; to drink the bitter cup, with the eye fixed on the Father’s face, without a murmur or complaint: this needs patience, which mere stoicism could never give.
And we cannot live such a life till we have learned to avail ourselves of the riches of the indwelling Christ. The beloved apostle speaks of being a partaker of the patience that is in Jesus (Revelation 1:9). So may we be. That calm, unmurmuring, unreviling patience, which made the Lamb of God dumb before His shearers, is ours.  We may go further and say, “Lord Jesus, let Your patience arise in me, as a spring of fresh water in a briny sea.”



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