3 Things That Must Happen for Change to take Place

Perry Noble – Sermon Notes – (Extremely Rough)

Video Linkhttps://newspring.cc/watch/change/three-things-that-must-happen-for-change-to-happen

– What’s your flat tire?

Keys to Life Change:

1. See Change as Necessary
– People will not change/be helped until they see the value in changing.
– Just because change is necessary doesn’t mean that it is easy, which is why I need his strength in me.

2. Take Responsibility
– You will not change (your flat tire) until you own it.
– “You might have been born that way, but you weren’t reborn that way. ”
– Victims never walk in victory.

3. Live Obediently
– obedience doesn’t guarantee that all is well. Change is not
instantaneous. It is a process.
– Change doesn’t take place until the relationship is fixed.
– God gives new robes, a ring, and new sandals, not the prodigal son.
– The son was dirty, but it was the ‘father’ who provided the new garments.
– God will not lead us to change that He will not lead us through (alongside us).


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