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Yes, it’s that time of year again.  It’s time for end-of-the-year anguish and angst as individuals and businesses review the efficacy of their goals and budgets.  In the overall scheme of things I’m not big on creating New Year’s resolutions at the end or beginning of every year.  I guess you might say that I’ve become jaded over the course of many failures.

On a cultural level, I often think that New Year resolutions have become a joke; maybe it’s because I’m jaded, or maybe I’m just a “resolution cynic.”  I hear talk show hosts, radio show hosts, pastors, teachers, and speakers of all sorts joke about and denounce the sustainability of New Year resolutions.

Does this mean I am against setting goals?  Absolutely not.  I am a big fan of setting measurable goals, and then creating steps and strategies to help an individual or business achieve them.  Somehow, I…

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One response to “Devotional Accountability Project

  1. As we move forward into 2014, my prayer is that each of us involved with ChalkerLife/ChalkerMen either directly or indirectly would be intentional about building a greater, deeper relationship with the God the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. As we continue in fellowship with one another, let us encourage everyone with a positive word, a smile or a friendly embrace; whether handshake, hug, or pat on the back. We all recognize there are times for admonitions, yet let us pass the cup of grace to those we might not have in years past. Let us be sincere with our “yes being yes” and our “no being no.” Make a commitment to something and strive to follow through on your word. Be that impact unto others that has the potential to change the lives of not only ourselves, but whoever it is we come into contact with as well. Love one another, be courteous to one another. Be gracious and not prideful, patient and not impulsive, quiet and not boastful. Be slow to speak and quick to listen, have a heart of service not only unto our Lord Jesus, but to all men.

    Brothers and sisters, Love. Love. Love.

    We are but a moment in time. With your love, leave a legacy.

    Pray for me, as I will be praying for you all.

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