Homosexuality & Gay Marriage?

A great message, and notes, posted on our brother blog-site ChalkerMen…Check it out.


Perry Noble: “You Asked for It – What’s The Big Deal 

About Homosexuality & Gay Marriage?”

Video Link – http://newspring.cc/watch/you-asked-for-it-2013/whats-the-big-deal-about-homosexuality-and-gay-marriage


Introductory Thoughts:

  •  This is the most popular question submitted
  •  This is also the most divisive question submitted.

-Girl Scout thin mint cookies illustration:

  • Story about buying cookies to help a little Girl Scout.
  • Twitter response about girl scout cookies purchase.
  • You cannot buy these cookies because “they” support the “gays.”

-An Apology to “gays”, lesbians, and bisexuals regarding how they have been treated by the Christian community.

3 Things to realize before “I” (Perry Noble) preach this message:
– 1. You matter to God – he loves you and has a great plan for your life.
– 2. You matter to this church
– 3. You matter to me (Perry Noble) – I/he spent 3-4 hours with a “gay” focus group regarding how to preach this message.

1 Cor…

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