Smoking, Drinking, & “R” Rated Movies

Check-out this Perry Noble message we enjoyed at ChalkerMen.


Perry Noble:  “You Asked for It: Can a Christian Smoke, Drink,
and Watch and “R” rated Movie?”
Sermon Notes & Discussion Questions
Video Link:

Preliminary Thoughts:

  • How many of you have made unwise decisions? – Everyone
  • Gasoline -vs-Kerosene – Gasoline explodes
  • Everything we do affects everyone we know (No man is an island).
  • In the church we have essentials and nonessentials.
  • Theological points and doctrine – What is important? What isn’t as important?
  • Christian maturity is not severing a relationship based on differing opinions of non-essentials.
  • Some people want to see how close they can get to sin without touching it. (Not the goal)


1.  Life as a Christian is not about getting permission to do what I want, but living in submission to all that God wants.

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