Thoughts on Family Worship

A great post and challenge from our brother site ChalkerMen


Family Worship, as the name implies, is the joint worship rendered to God, by all the members of one household.  Among the list of leadership responsibilities given to  Christian men, husbands, fathers, and leaders-of-a-household, family worship ranks among the top.  As a Christian, as a man, as a spiritual leader and example to others, the spiritual discipleship of those within our family and circle of influence is a large branch on our tree of personal spirituality.  Obvious, right?  I mean, it makes tremendous sense, it’s super logical, extremely practical, and a vital part of our personal leadership responsibilities, yet, how many of us are actively leading “family worship,” family devotions, family prayer times, or any variation of this theme.

No, I’m not perfect either, but let’s be real for a second.  Let’s make a personal/family leadership list.  Granted, this leadership list is an “ideal.”  It may not match-up with…

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