A Timely Warning

Quoted From:  Gurnall, William The Christian in Complete Armour. Abridged ed. Vol. 1. publication place: Banner of Truth, 1986.

“Here is a timely warning when you find your soul adrift in a heavy fog of tribulation:  Neither accuse God foolishly of your enemy’s mischief, nor charge yourself with belonging to the enemy.  God can chart a straight course in the worst storm.  Do not over-react to changes in your temporal estate.  Christ told us to expect some rought sailing before we reach heaven’s shore.  Your perspective should be very different from that of the unregenerate.  Like naive children, they think everyone loves them who gives them chocolates.  

They do not realize that prosperity can be a curse to bind them in a deeper sleep of false security.  But the Christian in an afflicted state has a key to decipher God’s providence.  The Spirit, through the Word, teaches you to read the shorthand of His movement:  Every son whom He loves, He corrects.  Behind the travail of every affliction is a blessing waiting to be born.”


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    Here is a great word of advice from William Gurnall that I posted on my JRC Life Group Blog.

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